RV Park Rules, Regulations & Policies

The Alabama Wildwood RV rules and regulations are in place for the benefit of all Occupants. These guidelines have been carefully designed by AL Wildwood RV Management to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the pleasure of all Residents. This document is not to be construed as creation of a Landlord/Tenant Relationship or Agreement for temporary or permanent housing.

  1. RV sites are issued only for qualified mobile RV units. Buses, mobile homes and other altered vehicles are strictly prohibited to be brought into the seasonal RV area. Incoming RV units must be under 400 Sq. Ft and 15 years or newer and easily movable. Wheels and hitches must remain intact while on AL Wildwood RV Park.
  2. Daily/Monthly/Seasonal/Annual Park Agreements are renewed at the discretion of Park Management.
  3. Failure to pay fees will prevent renewal of any term agreements.
  4. Agreements are automatically terminated with a sale or permanent removal of any RV unit. Prior to any sale of a RV unit, an inspection by Park staff must be done. Any deficiencies must be repaired prior to the finalization of the Agreement transfer. Trailers that have attached cabanas and cover the trailer in any way are not eligible to stay in AL Wildwood RV after a sale. Some units may not be repairable due to age or condition and may be required to be removed.
  5. Occupants are not permitted to wash vehicles, ATVs, RVs, boats, etc. at the Park. Violators may be fined. If you are interested in a car wash, there is one in town.
  6. RV Sites may not be used for storage of boats, cars, or anything but the RV itself.  Storage at a RV sites is permitted and limited to patio furniture, portable grills, bicycles and neatly stacked firewood. Items that are not labeled for outdoor use (indoor couches or furniture, etc.) may not be kept outside the trailer at any time.
  7. Occupants are responsible for the maintenance of their RV sites and RV unit including maintaining lawn furnishing and outdoor equipment in a neat appearance. Failure to properly care for a RV sites will result in the intervention of Park personnel at the expense of the Occupant.
  8. Failure to comply with Park specifications may result in eviction, with removal of unit at the owner’s expense, and forfeiture of all fees and deposits paid.
  9. Air conditioning units must be turned off when a RV unit is unoccupied. Units left on when the unit is unoccupied will result in a daily monetary fine levied to the trailer owner of $10. Tampering with any electrical utility panel is a felony under the penalty of law. Violators will be prosecuted.
  10. Outside lighting on a RV unit is permitted if the lighting is placed on a timer to conserve energy.
  11. All trash is to be disposed of at the curbside of the street for weekly trash pick-up (Monday or Tuesday AM).
  12. No outside refrigerators or freezers.
  13. Due to our insurance the following breeds are not permitted under any circumstances, regardless of whether prior approval for the same has been acquired: Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Staffordshire, Bull Terriers, Chow Chows, Akitas, wolf/dog mixes, any dog which is a mix of the above breeds, or any dog that exhibits aggressive behavior. An animal is considered “aggressive” when its behavior reasonably causes fear for a Resident, guest or Community employee or contractor. Pease keep your pets on a leash. Occupant shall clean up after their pet.

Thanks for your understanding!